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AGILE Example

AGILE Example AGILE – Article Example Extreme Programming Affiliation Gerold Keefer bias about extreme programming lies on facts that he has collected over time and he has made it open to the public. I agree with Keefer bias about extreme programming outcomes or software should be subjected to quality assurance checks. This not only adds value to the software, but also paves way for advanced and future research. With reference to the above statement and according to the case text provided individuals have come up with software that are outstanding but have not been granted to be sure through better quality assurance checks hence this type of extreme programming is considered sub-standard. Gerold Keefer states that despite the negatives impacts of Extreme Programming, it has or it expects to get a clear understanding of agile methods and applications of extreme engineering to most software testing platforms. As a matter of fact over the last decade, researchers and scholars have working tirelessly to come up with agile platforms that have up to date qualities; the bias come in when individuals and companies come up with software that are of low quality but authorities drive them to extreme programming standard yet they do not meet this platform. The practice of producing extreme programs is not refactoring; this practice takes place after initial coding so at to improve the appearance of the software being developed, but to the author extreme programming calls for unit testing hence, refactoring leads to extra work hence, less efficient. The last value is simplicity; this is a respectable designing principle that extreme programming deploys to make sure that its works are user friendly; but this does not take place in the contemporary programming society.

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Construction Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Construction - Assignment Example Joint sealant ought to be planned and built to permit free augmentation and pressure amid the opening and conclusion of joints. In the event that joint sealants are appended to the joint filler so development is disallowed, they can scarcely perform their planned capacities to seal the joints against water and garbage section. Polyethylene tape is usually utilized as bond breaker tape A capillary break is a hydrophobic substantial that halts capillary movement. They form the house’s core defense against the water under the building’s foundation from entering the house. Adhesive bond forces prevent water from dropping vertically, a drip Infill wall, Include glass-aluminum glazing systems. A backup wall is required; wind loads will be transferred from the backup wall to the buildings structure. Can be used with a frame or bearing wall structure Exterior wall system is used on the CU to prevent and protect the building from rain water, moisture and air infiltration. The wall system acts as the insulator against present and future natural environmental negative

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US should enact stricter immigration laws Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

US should enact stricter immigration laws - Essay Example US should enact stricter immigration laws: America has for long been home to illegal immigrants from all over the world. These immigrants work in America, avail the benefits and deprive America of money by moving it out of America. There is dire need for more implementation of severe illegal immigration laws. Too many illegal immigrants in US have bilked the American economy. Illegal immigration feeds on the strength of American economy. This is the fundamental reason why poverty in America is increasing day by day. Jobs in which poor Americans need to be employed are indeed being given to people who are not Americans and who send the money earned to their homelands as remittance. In this way, money is slipping away from the hands of Americans. According to an estimate, more than US $ 200 billion have been sent by illegal immigrants to their homelands since 1996 (Hopkins). This has given severe blows to the American economy. Americans being replaced by illegal immigrants is another h arsh reality. Owing to the widespread economic recession that has occupied the whole world in the recent years, business entrepreneurs have taken all possible steps to reduce their expenses and maximize their profits. Workers have been asked to put in the same amount of effort as before but for a lower compensation. Many Americans have refused to accede to such plans of the employers, and have thus given resignations as a protest. This has hardly affected the employers as they have got many illegal immigrants that would love to work for the lowered compensation.

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Alternative energy sources Essay Example for Free

Alternative energy sources Essay The age old question of how will we power our homes and lives in general moving forward when all the oil runs out, and one day it will. The world needs to move in a direction that will lead to energy independence however businesses and society is slow to move because we cannot see the impacts until it hits home in that all of sacred places, our wallets. Changes need to be made but can we afford it or can we afford not to make the move that will ensure our future for generations to come. Fist let us look at why we chose fossil fuels. The fossil fuels we largely depend on today are coal, oil and natural gas. They are called non-renewable energy sources. That description is actually another way of saying we use them faster than they form. Over 100,000 times faster to be exact! So how did we ever decide this would be the primary energy resource to power human development and progress? It all goes back to human mastery of fire to provide warmth, light and a means of preparing more palatable and easily digestible foods. To the early humans, fire was the equivalent of having a little sun with them wherever they needed or wanted to go. With this energy available at anytime and anyplace, humans could begin to spread about the world and thrive, regardless of the climate or amount of sunlight available. It provided the power for humans to begin their mastery of Earth as a species, less vulnerable to extinction than all other animal species, yet with a greater ability to bring about change — for good or bad. There are many alternative energy sources that we can see and put our hands on but they all have pros and cons. Some are either too expensive or not viable as a long term source of energy in comparison to oil. Our infrastructure is built around coal and oil dating back to the industrial revolution. From our cars to the power that runs the microwave in the kitchen fossil fuels are a part of our lives but they are running out, killing the environment in more ways than one and becoming more and more expensive to produce due either war or scarcity. Then when we complain about the price or the consequences of drilling or burning fossil fuels the best our governments can give us is talk with little action because those in  power are more about money which comes from the companies and people who spend money on their campaigns to get re-elected. When one thinks of alternative energies the first thing that springs to mind is solar energy and why not, we the sun is not going anywhere any tim e soon(at least we hope not) and there are very few places that don’t get sun for most of the 24 hours in a day. So why do we not all have a solar panel on our roofs and cars? One reason is because it is not cost effective and cannot produce enough energy for most people to make it worthwhile. Our mind set is always going to be one of why should we invest in something that does not do what oil and gas can? With the economies of the world in jeopardy and more and more people out of work, asking them to do their part to help the environment is just not realistic. Until science and business can make solar power more viable we as average citizens will not make the change while we have oil and gas still. Unless we either just run out or we can no longer afford fossil fuels we as a society will not make our lives any harder by switching to an alternative energy source that is still not viable nor is it cost effective. Another disadvantage to continuing with fossil fuels is the continued and escalating tension in the Middle East. The cost alone of defending the oil that we use and take for granted is astronomical not to mention the loss of life which cannot be measured. The thought that we as a society have not moved past killing one another for an inanimate objects is shameful. That we have no evolved morally past the point of killing for energy is a discredit to how far we have come as a race. If we would take the money that we spend on defense and guarding oil rigs and clean ups when things go wrong and put it toward improving solar and fusion nuclear power we might find yourself energy independence sooner rather than later. Wind is the next source of alternative energy that has people all a buzz with excitement but is it truly viable? This alternative can seem very attractive but again is the cost of a wind turbine and the land needed to build wind farms is substantial to produce enough energy. So then the question is just like with solar energy, we need so much space to make enough energy that it just cannot compete with fossil fuels no matter what the environmental impact. Alternative energy just does not have enough clout with governments to push their clean energy agendas that it just is not a short term solution. The main problem that we all can see is that  alternative energies cannot do what oil and gas do now. Wind will not let us drive 400 miles to where we want to go when we want to. Solar or battery power is unreliable because it takes time to recharge a battery with solar energy and no one has been able to come up with to date a viable mass producible car that uses solar power. Even hybrids and battery power cars just can give us the flexibility with which gas driven cars can. When something can’t make what we already have better and at an equil or lesser cost to us will not gain ground. We are a visual society and unless someone comes up to us and says that the earth is going to end in 50 years unless we all drive hybrids were not going to do it. It is not in our nature and thus it won’t make any difference what innovations businesses and science come up with. As for oil itself it is going to take something like nuclear fusion or a more advanced solar cell to move us a way from oil. Nuclear power has always been taboo or in simpler terms a ‘Not in my back yard’ energy source. Nuclear fission is a source of energy that is viable and being used to day however the need to increase nuclear fission sites has the environmental community in an uproar. It is a well-known fact that these types of reactions produce waste products that are extremely dangerous not to mention a nuclear fission plant can either be attached or have an issue that would cause an environmental catastrophe which makes the idea of building newer, safer plants an unrealistic idea. The consequences of nuclear fission just do not out way the ramifications of environmental issues that could come of a disaster like Chernobyl. Nuclear fusion is a far more environmentally safe way to produce nuclear power and produces no waste products unlike fission and if an issue were to arise the reaction of fusion just stops and no radiation is not leaked nor is there an explosion of any kind. The proble m again with nuclear fusion is at the moment costly and cannot produce enough power to out way the cost and energy it takes to produce power. This like solar power is where we need to be placing our faith in the future of power in our country and around the world because oil will run out or it will become too costly to produce or something is going to happen that will be so catastrophic that we as a race will say enough is enough but until that time comes were not going to change our ways. Despite nuclear energy’s role as a significant power supply source, it is highly unlikely it will survive past the 21st century, especially since the recent Japanese  disaster. Many people are against it, storage of its highly radioactive wastes is difficult and costly. There are not enough ores available to maintain continued production of nuclear energy, and most of today’s nuclear plants will reach the end of their life span within the next 50 years. McLamb, Eric(2010). Just another reason for moving towards fusion and putting the money that we might use to build new fission plants which could again like the Japanese r eactor disaster fusion will not have that problem. There are many other forms of alternative energies such as geothermal and hydro power as well but again just like all the other sources, it is not producing as much power as fossil fuels and we are not spending our time and resource to improve these more available and attainable but again we sit with oil still. At the end of the day something dramatic is going to need to occur to push humanity towards a different source of energy but until we can see positive results on a massive scale we are never going to change our ways. As stated before if our planet were to end tomorrow I still don’t think we would change how we do things because we as a people are selfish and only care about what goes on in our homes as opposed to what is going on around the world. Will alternative energy source replace fossil fuels and clean up the environment. The answer is yes but what is it going to take to push us over the edge. Will it be a major environmental disaster, a global shortage of oil, or a scientific advancement that will revolutionize our way of life in a way that oil did when we first started to use it for our day to day to day lives. We can only hope but we are going to have to do something because we cannot continue down this path of ruining our resources and our planet. References Berger, A.A (2008). Seeing is believing (J. Wetherington, Ed. 3rd ed), Boston: McGraw-Hill Mc,Lamb, Eric(2010). The Secret World of Energy( world-energy//)

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Computer Engineering - A Carrer as a Computer Software Engineer :: Computer Software Engineering

Computer Engineering - A Carrer as a Computer Software Engineer Introduction The explosive impact of computers and information technology on our everyday lives has generated a need to design and develop new computer software systems and to incorporate new technologies in a rapidly growing range of applications. The tasks performed by workers known as computer software engineers evolve quickly, reflecting new areas of specialization or changes in technology, as well as the preferences and practices of employers. Computer software engineers apply the principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and systems that enable computers to perform their many applications. (1) Background Software engineers working in applications or systems development analyze users ¡Ã‚ ¦ needs and design, construct, test, and maintain computer applications software or systems. Software engineers can be involved in the design and development of many types of software, including software for operating systems and network distribution, and compilers, which convert programs for execution on a computer. In programming, or coding, software engineers instruct a computer, line by line, how to perform a function. They also solve technical problems that arise. Software engineers must possess strong programming skills, but are more concerned with developing algorithms and analyzing and solving programming problems than with actually writing code. (2) Computer applications software engineers analyze users ¡Ã‚ ¦ needs and design, construct, and maintain general computer applications software or specialized utility programs. These workers use different programming languages, depending on the purpose of the program. The programming languages most often used are C, C++, and Java, with Fortran and COBOL used less commonly. Some software engineers develop both packaged systems and systems software or create customized applications. (4) Computer systems software engineers coordinate the construction and maintenance of a company ¡Ã‚ ¦s computer systems and plan their future growth. Working with a company, they coordinate each department ¡Ã‚ ¦s computer needs ¡Xordering, inventory, billing, and payroll record keeping, for example ¡Xand make suggestions about its technical direction. They also might set up the company ¡Ã‚ ¦s intranets ¡Xnetworks that link computers within the organization and ease communication among the various departments. (3) Systems software engineers work for companies that configure, implement, and install complete computer systems. They may be members of the marketing or sales staff, serving as the primary technical resource for sales workers and customers. They also may be involved in product sales and in providing their customers with continuing technical support. Computer software engineers often work as part of a team that designs new hardware, software, and systems.

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Health and social care Essay

As you begin to get older your muscles within your digestive tract can start to become really weak and would possibly start giving you the risk of having a lot of constipation. Also as you get older your heart is beginning to get less efficient and would not be able to pump the blood around your body like what it used to have done. Also the other things that could happen to your organs as you begin to get older are †¢Your body metabolism starts to become more and more reduced due to the fact that the lowered performance of the endocrine glands that is in your body. †¢The breathing can start to become more and less efficient because of the fact that the respiratory muscles are becoming less weak than what they had been before when they was once younger. †¢The Gas exchange within the human lungs becomes impaired as the elastic walls of the different small air pockets called alveoli then starts to become damaged. †¢Also as you get older your blood pressure starts to get higher, this could be because of the fact that you are becoming more stressed or because it was passed on within your family genes. The physical changes that could happen within the body as you’re getting older can be: †¢As you get older your skin becomes thinner, and they also get more wrinkled, this is one of the signs that you can tell that you are getting older. Also another thing could be that as you get older your skin starts to get less elasticated and becomes really saggy. †¢Your muscles become less weak and therefore you wouldn’t be able to do certain things that you may have been able to do when you were younger. †¢ When you get older your joints can start to become much stiffer and can become extremely painful as your cartilage on the bone starts to end and becomes really thin. As the ligaments in your body helps to reinforce the joints that also weakens and becomes looser. †¢Also because of the cartilage within your legs starts to separate and the vertebrae in the backbone becomes more and more compressed than before. The spine becomes more rounded than before, and al l this could end up making you shrink and could lose some of your height. Your senses: As you get older your ability to taste and smell things start to become less active and can deteriorate and the sense of balance can become really impaired. Also the other things that could have happened as you get older are that your hearing can start to deteriorate with the failure to hear high pitched sounds. Your vision can start to deteriorate because of the fact that a range of problems and cataracts can help to develop. Last but not least your skin can become sensitive and can lead to very high risk of increased hypothermia. The many different physical changes that people go through do not just happen because we are just casually ‘wearing out’ it happens because we are getting older. Also if you take the regular exercise, you may expect to live longer and stay so much healthier than what you would expect to plus the people who wouldn’t do this are the people that wouldn’t live as long. The different physical changes that are associated with the different ageing that may come with a limit to how many times the body cells can rapier and renew themselves and then because of the damage that builds up over the long lifetime. (Health and social care level 3, Beryl Stretch/ Mary Whitehouse 2010) Cardiovascular system This is where the heart heals to pump your blood around the human body. It is known that the older you get the more likely it is for you to start to develop narrowing of the arteries and the other blood vessels due to the fact that there are fats which would be known as Cholesterol which are pushing down and padding our your blood vessels. This is normally known as ‘the clogging up’ but the professional medical name for this is Atherosclerosis and this indicates that your artistries are beginning to harden. If this happens this then could result in you gaining higher blood pressure and this could put you at a very high risk of having a heart attack or stroke, this happens because the blood supply to the brain is blocked. If these blockages happen, this could result in you having something called coronary heart disease. If your coronary artery is blocked, then the person could start to experience really bad chest pains and could become out of breath. (Health and social ca re level 3, Beryl Stretch/ Mary Whitehouse 2010) Cognitive changes: When you are getting older, it can start to involve a loss of many different  nerve cells within the brain and could cause a reduction in the ability of the nerves to transmit electrical signals. Although this is happening it doesn’t mean that people start to lose their ability to think logically or reason, many older people start to report things going missing because of their memory recall, for example ‘where did I put the remote?’ Or ‘where did I put my glasses’. Often older people forget more things as they get older, and it takes them longer to respond and react, for example if an older person was to drive, they might drive more carefully and slowly due to the fact they know that they wouldn’t be able to respond as well if they wasn’t concentrating enough. These slower response times and the difficultly recalling recent memories are not symptoms of dementia, senile dementia is not part of a general ageing process, you could in fac t inherit this through family genes or it could just come to you as you get to a certain age, this normally affects people from the ages of 85+.(Health and social care level 3, Beryl Stretch/ Mary Whitehouse 2010) Degeneration of the sense organs: Sight: Normally after the age of 45 roughly, your ability of the eye to focus on certain things begin to weaken and because of this, by the time you get to roughly the age of 65 there may be more and more of a little focusing power left in your eye sight which unfortunately makes smaller print much more harder to see. The cataracts within the eye often changes in the lens of the eye. As people grow older the lens in the eye starts to change and can start to appear cloudy looking, this often happens and stops the process of the eye lens from being able to change shape or even to transmit the light properly. The cataracts may start to form between the ages of 50 and 60 years old and can often take a while to develop. If you are known to have diabetes then that also contributes to poor cataracts. Hearing: There are hundreds of thousands of older people who sadly experience the difficulty of not being able to hear high pitched sounds. This can normally happen because of the sensitivity with the nerve cells in which can possibly result in hearing loss. Some of the older generation can start to experience an unwanted build-up of ear wax which can be quite painful and could eventually block the transmission of sound from getting to them. Dementia  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ a disorder in which is more common in ageing: When experiencing dementia, it is more than likely to just occur in older people. It is known that only 5% of people which are over the age of 65 years actually have dementia. The Alzheimer’s society normally estimates that there are as many as 20% of the people that are over the ages of 80 are actually affected by the dementia disease. There are many different kinds of this disease, but the two major types of this disease are the Alzheimer’s disease and the second one is the one that is caused by the vascular disease which involves having problems with your blood supply to the brain. There are many people in the world who has heard of this disease but who are not completely sure on what it is, dementia is a disorder that causes a great amount of damage to human brain. This disease often affects people from understanding things, also they find it hard to remember people, places, who they are and where they live. There have been some cases in which older people have gone back to their childhood and are not able to speak, read, write or eat themselves. Hormones and Menopause: Normally when you get to this age you start to experience a major decrease in your hormone oestrogen which follows the menopause. People have discovered that the environment can actually make a huge amount of difference as the exercise is known to strengthen the muscles and the bones also may help to prevent osteoporosis. Women are unfortunately at a high risk of getting this osteoporosis than what men are because of the difference between the bone strength and how it is influenced by the different reduction of oestrogen. Musculoskeletal This is when the older the person gets the more that they start to experience the following: †¢Decline in mobility †¢Muscle thinning †¢Arthritis Arthritis: this is when you start to have a lot of damage to the joint in your body; there is a substance which is called cartilage, covers all of our bone ends and helps to cushion them as we are moving on a daily basis. As we are constantly moving all the time, our cartilage can start to wear and  become a lot thinner and less elastic with your age. This is perfectly normal. In Osteoarthritis your bones can start to become thicker and even start to form bony spurs which actually help but restrict your movement of the joints within your body. When people start experiencing this situation, they normally start of within the knees and hips which then obviously effect your movement. When ageing, it can often result in a general reduction and also lead to shrinkage of the skeletal muscles within your body. Because of this loss of muscles you wouldn’t be able to do the things what you might have been able to do when you were younger, but this often starts at around the age of 40 years old. Also another way to get thinner muscles is when you do not exercise often. Nervous system This is when the ageing starts to involve the loss of different nerves cells that help to activate the different muscles within your body. The Neurotransmitters, which are the different chemicals that are then released by the nerves in order for them to help to communicate, and control the muscles within the body. They also may help to function less effectively with your age. This then also affects the motor neurone disease which is a very rare disorder that is normally common in people around the ages of 50 – 70 than in the other age groups. There are many different causes of motor neurone, but they are not really understood but it is more than possible that the genetic inheritance may play a huge role within this or that the different exposures to toxic chemicals may increase a person’s risk of developing the disease. This disease starts to cause the nerves to degenerate which results in weakness and loss of the different muscle tissues. Respiratory system The respiratory system is when the blood within your body is not able to be pumped around the body efficiently, and this then causes you to feel really breathless. When you get older, you may start to realise that the strength of your chest muscles are starting to reduce with the aging and the efficiency of the human lungs may start to deteriorate. There are serious diseases such as bronchitis may start to develop as well, this means it starts to involve inflammation of the airways that help to connect the windpipes to the lungs. Skin When people get older their skin starts to change and it is very noticeable. As you get older the amount of fat that is stored under your skin starts to decrease and it is becomes looser and then develops wrinkles. Things that can damage your skin are everywhere, for example too much sunlight can eventually burn your skin and could put you at a risk of skin cancer, this is because sunlight has ultraviolet rays which can increase freckles and spots and make your skin rough and leathery like. Also another risk that can affect your skin is smoking, by doing this the chemicals within the cigarette can end up turning your skin a yellow looking colour. Smoking can also cause cardiovascular disease with is associated with the hardening and the narrowing of the arteries which then causes high blood pressure and heart attacks. Also smoking too much can then cause a lot of damage to the cell DNA may result in your skin developing a more aged appearance. (Health and social care level 3, Beryl S tretch/ Mary Whitehouse 2010) Psychological changes: The issue Explanation Ageism: There are many older people that sometimes can be stereotyped as being very useless, unable to cope with certain things, diseased and demented. Older people often start to experience some sort of prejudice from the younger people who see them as ‘having had their lives’. There are many older people that have a fear that they will not be treated with any sort of dignity within a hospital or care home. Financial concernsThere are a few people that are aged 65+ and over there their own home and the people that there are people over the age of 65 that have a higher level of savings in general than in any other age group. When you get to this age there are normally only about one in five of those older people who actually live in poverty and most of them wouldn’t have a private pension fund. Increased leisure time Your free time may enable you and older people to start to engage in the physical leisure of activities such as walking, and holidays that are very a ctive and ongoing. When you get older you may have an increase of free time, and often the older people aged 60+ normally go for the less active and laid back hobby of gardening. Also because of all the free time in which they have now gained it is known that older people start  to take interest of learning new things, whether it is a new language or even internet or sewing skills. Loss of a partnerThis is a way of life, nobody wants this to happen to them but it happens to everyone, and sadly bereavement may result in a range of different changes that you have to then learn how to deal with. This could also cause you to start having depression or anxiety problems. The effects of Retirement Most older people do find it hard to cope with when retiring from their job, but also at the same time there are the few older people who enjoy being retired as they believe that it is their free time and they are now able to let go of all the stress and are able to just take it easy and relax. Also this is the perfect time to invest in a holiday home or to finally start that hobby that they always wanted to do. Role Changes There are a few majority of the older population that enjoy the effective social networking sights with only one person in five that start to experience a degree of isolation. For many of the people that choose to retire it helps them to provide more than one opportunity to get in contact with their family members such as grandchildren. At this age the older people are more likely to get involved with the politic side of things which result in their age group voting more than the younger generation. There are also many different types of physical changes and illnesses that could contribute towards people losing their self confidence in doing certain things but it would be very wrong for you to just assume that the physical decline automatically removes all of the general self-esteem and confidence issues. When ageing, there are many different problems that can occur and that can influence the person’s health and psychology. It is known that the majority of these are over the state retirement age and they all experience very reasonable health and a very satisfactory social life that they lead. There are only a few minority of the older generation that start to experience poor health, live in poverty and are pretty much isolated. When ageing physically, everyone has their own personal experience of psychological change and it’s more than likely to be different than everything else. There were two theories about ageing and one of those was by Cumming (19975) and he ha d argued that some people disengage from any sort of social activity when they start to get older. He argued that as  people get older they would all start to experience a reduction in social contact with people and start to become much more independent and individual that would be less concerned about what people expect from them and what they expect from others. Many do not agree with this theory and it is important that people remember that Cumming and Henry has first proposed the theory in 1961 when there was no internet so that they never had access to any sort of communication that involved technology at all. There is another famous person that had a theory and his name was Erik Erikson and he had argued that older people need to start to develop a sense of their own â€Å"ego integrity† and that they need to avoid despair during later life. Also your culture and religion can affect you as well for example, the way in which you start to react to the physical changes that you would experience during later life and it will start to depend on your different attitudes a nd your beliefs. Often, when people of the older generation retire they are lucky enough to be financially stable and they are able to do the things that they want to do and that they are able to afford now they don’t work. Also as they are not working people often take up new hobbies to take up there time, such as golfing, gardening and other things which can build up their self-esteem. Most elderly people still want to remain very much independent and to keep their dignity high, this is very much important to them because this shows that they can cope alone without having to have help with everything. Older people don’t mind help but they feel like people are taking it to the extreme at times, often they feel like people are trying to make them feel like they are not able to look after themselves when in fact they are very capable to do so. The fact that there are younger people who can stereotype the elderly people as being not useful and that they are not able to walk about without assistance, this can in fact affect their self-esteem and make them feel less confident. if someone was to constantly talk like this to the elderly person then eventually start to believe it and they start to act upon it.

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Areas of Law - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1103 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Law Essay Type Cause and effect essay Did you like this example? Media report analysis 1. Identify the areas of law that are relevant to the chosen media report, and explain how they are relevant to the matters outlined in the report. Criminal Law Kelden Edward Fraser has committed a crime by breaking out a prison van at Geraldton Airport as he was being transferred to a maximum security jail due to his bad behaviours. Furthermore, Fraser was capture again as he has allegedly committed criminal offence for armed robbery. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Areas of Law" essay for you Create order Tort Law Concerning the tort law, Fraser had taken part in a roof protest which has resulted in $ 13,000 damaged including antenna and extractor fans at Greenough Regional Prison. Furthermore, Serco was negligent by carrying the prisoners without specialist officers and the Corrective Services Ministers were negligent by not sending specialised officers with the prisoners in the van. Administrative law The Corrective Services Minister Mr. Joe Francis was asked if Fraser should have been given a high risk escort but Mr. Francis stated that he would not make such remark on the departmentà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s operational decisions. However, it has been confirmed by Mr. Francis that Fraser high security risk will be implemented and he will be transferred to Perth. Moreover, he declared that the Correctives Services Commissioner, Mr. James McMahon was reviewing the policies. Contract Law Serco Company holds a contract with the Western Australia Prison to provide transpo rt services. Property Law Properties of Greenough Regional Prison were damaged which includes antenna and extractor fans. Also, Serco property was damaged. The van in which the prisoners were travelling, Fraser and Graham kicked through the internal cells panels. 2. Demonstrate how the law functions in these various ways, by reference to specific examples within the chosen media report and the areas of law you identified in question 1. Ensures reasonable predictability in daily life Concerning the Administrative Law, the corrective minister services, Mr Joe Francis decided that considerable security risk will be implemented so that the same offence will not be repeated by Frauser or by other prisoners. Encourages and discourages certain conduct. Criminal Law will discourage Fraser and other prisoners to break out from the van or the prison itself. In our case example, Fraser will be transferred to a high security risk jail as he escaped the prison van and he was involved in an armed robbery. Thus, harsh penalties can be imposed as an incentive to engage in these conducts. Tort law will encourage the prisoners to regulate their behaviour and conduct. Our case example is that Fraser took part in a roof protest which caused a damage of $ 13000. The harsh penalties can be used against Fraser. This will encourage the prisoners to abide the rules and regulations of the prison. Grants rights and powers to individuals and groups of people. According to the rights and powers the administrative law allows Mr. James McMahon, the commissioner, to review the policies due the incidents that occurred recently by Fraser. Moreover, Mr. McMahon can legally change decision making bodies. Imposes obligations on individuals/organisations to meet their legal responsibility. According to the application of administrative law, the prisoners who should have been escorted by specialist emergency support group officers instead they were escorted with the Serco Company employees who do not have any training how to deal with prisoners. The prison officers did meet their legal responsibility and did perform their job as it should be. Allows for the enforcement of recognised rights and duties. In relation to the tort law, the negligence of Serco company sending his employees with the prisoners and the negligence of the Corrective Services Ministers by not sending specialist officers in the van, Mr Joe Francis took the decision that James McMahon has acquired the right to take decisions concerning the transport services contract offered by Serco Company. Thus, the Commissioner stated that there will be no more essential transportation of prisoners without his consent. This will done so as prisoners do not break out while transferring them to a maximum security prison. Provides remedies when an injustice has been done. In the agreement with Serco Company the Western Australia did not respect the contract. This so, as the employees of Serco has been aggrieved by the conduct of the prisoners. So, Serco Company can impose duties so as a remedy can be obtained. Property law would provide a remedy by increasing the sentence of Fraser for damaging the prison property. 3. By reference to the legal issues contained in the chosen media report, explain why it was important for the relevant party/parties to know the law in the circumstances? How did, or could, the party/parties have applied the law to their advantage? Kelden Edward Fraser the most important opponent of the media report was involved in a roof protest that caused $13000 damage in property for examples, antenna and extractor fans at the Greenough Regional Prison. Also, Fraser was alleged for an armed robbery. Thus, Fraser sentence can be increased so that he will not commit the same crime again. In spite of that, the relevant parti es knew the law. The Corrective Services Minister, Mr. Joe Francis took legal actions against Fraser. So, they decided to transfer Fraser to a high security jail for misconducts and the crime he committed. This will help to have more disciplinary prisoners who will not commit offences due to the harsh penalties that will be imposed. The parties can apply the law to their advantage by knowing their rights and impose duties so to find remedies to the specific problems. 4. How do the media influence public perceptions about the law and its administration? How might public pressure impact legislators and judges in establishing the law? Media can influence public perceptions about the law and its administration by magazines, newspapers, television, also, websites like facebook and twitter which are constantly affecting the legal, ethical and marketing conditions of the law. Media does blew out of proportion where public does believe everything they say and write. Furthermo re, media influence public with their constructive articles which does happen that these can change the perceptions about law and administration. It can be good perceptions or bad perceptions. Moreover, for example, In Mauritius the use of handheld mobile phones is prohibited. So, public pressure can have an impact on legislators and judges in establishing the law by a petition that is, addressing to the Prime Minister office or any other concern parties. So, judges are subject to public scrutiny. REFERENCES Pownall, A. 2014. Escapee part of roof stand à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" off. The West Australian, January 8, 2014, 9. WORD COUNT: 1105